Leaders Coached by Daniel

Daniel Allen brings a rare depth of theological insight and spiritual maturity to any Christian enterprise that truly serves Christian leaders in a way that is most helpful to their endeavors. For the board or leader looking to advance their mission, Daniel brings the essential knowledge and skill needed to any Christian leader who is looking to render his or her mission more effective for the glory of God!
— Michael Craven, Dallas, TX | President HIS BridgeBuilders

Daniel stands alone in my book in both his coaching and his leadership. I have never worked with another leader who listens intently, coaches courageously and lives out a life of integrity the way that he does.
— Kindra Green, San Diego CA | Justice-Maker at CityHeights

So often professional development is aimed at imparting information, but through my coaching sessions with Daniel, I was actually transformed into a better leader. Daniel is incredibly skilled at drawing out what lies within. Through a flexible, comprehensive and Christ-centered approach to coaching, Daniel pushed me further in my journey of becoming the servant leader God has called me to be. There is absolutely no book, seminar or workshop that can lead to the same kind of results as coaching sessions with Daniel.
— Sarah Good, Dallas TX | Executive Director, HPPDS

Daniel has a keen ability to cut to the core. Our executive team had the privilege of working with Daniel as the facilitator of a 2-day intensive where we gleaned what seemed like 7 days worth of value. The end result was our newly unified and effective team had a firm understanding of our individual strengths and weaknesses, a clear path forward for what’s important to our company now, and a stronger sense of trust and communication within our team (among many other valuable insights). As a mentor and coach, Daniel is highly skilled at asking the right questions at the right time.
— Drew Ramsey, Oklahoma City OK | Co-founder at Rams Head Industries

Bryan D..jpg
Daniel has clarified what it means to lead well, and how to step into a new (ministry) challenge with courage and resilience. His coaching in my first 90 days as a new lead pastor was invaluable!
— Bryan Dunagan, Dallas TX | Lead Pastor at HPPC

Daniel is a gifted coach who brings life-giving energy and focus to his clients. He has an amazing ability to help others connect their heart and gifts to their calling, turning their work into joy. He has a powerful intuition and a direct communication style. He does not allow people to remain stuck or hide behind their insecurities, rather draws them into the light of their God-given potential.

His role in our firm is surely is one of the best investments we have made in our firm’s history.
— Renda Burkhart, Knoxville TN | President at Burkhart & Company, P.C.

Being a small company with fewer than 15 employees, we were like a dysfunctional family in some ways. Daniel got to know us. He helped us articulate our vision and goals. He helped us learn to communicate openly and honestly with each other. He set us on a path that to this day has been a steady climb in the upward direction.
— John Platillero, Knoxville TN | Founder/CEO at EventBooking Group

Daniel’s work in guiding me through my past and present in order to get me to where I want to be in the future was simply amazing. He provided that big PUSH I have been needing.
— John Mark Braswell, Knoxville TN | Broker at SVN